Here are things that I find useful the in my shop. I reach for them all the time. Cheap and useful get extra points. Great for handyman or woman Christmas stocking stuffers. These are affiliate links, but it will add nothing to your cost and will help me pay for hosting.

Prostik W1307 2-Inch by 2-Inch by 12-Inch Abrasive Belt and Disk Cleaner
Sanding Belt Cleaner is essential for anyone using a belt or disc sander. The sandpaper quickly loads up with saw dust. This cuts down on the sanding power. The belt cleaner is like a giant eraser. Just rub it across the belt or disc while it is running and the sandpaper is unclogged and looks like new. It is surprising that the cleaner doesn’t wear that fast. You can use it many, many times.

Heavy-Duty Bolt & Drill Bit Index Gauge 1/16 to 1/2 Inch by 1/64ths

Bolt and drill sizer is a quick way to find out what size hole you need to drill to have clearance for a bolt. You can also use it to sort drills. I use mine often.


Empire Level E255 6-Inch Pocket Combination Square With Etched Stainless Steel Blade,-Inch Graduations and True Blue Vial

I keep this in my tool pouch all the time so it is at hand. Small and fast to use to mark drill or cut lines.


6 inch / 150mm Stainless Steel Electronic LCD Digital Vernier Caliper Gauge Micrometer 0-6″ Range with Carrying Case (Style 1)

Digital Caliper is surprisingly accurate for the low price. I use it to quickly measure thickness of material. You can also measure depth and inside dimensions. By setting a thickness and locking the jaws, a dimension can be scribed with the hardened jaws.